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Information on our ministries and schedules


Women's Ministry


Tuesday/after 2nd Sunday - 7:00pm


Provides opportunities for women to come together for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and fun. The women discuss issues of common interest, plan for events and activities of ministry and fellowship, and engage in prayer.




Men's Ministry


Tuesday/after 2nd Sunday—7:00pm


Provides opportunities for men to come together for prayer, Bible study, fellowship and fun. Events and activities are planned monthly for the men of the church to unite, in the Lord, for min- istering to each other and to those outside of Christ.




Youth Ministry


Saturday/after 1st Sunday - 11:00am


This ministry exists to provide age appropriate Christian experiences and activities for chil- dren and youth to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and apply the Word of God in every area of their lives, thus becoming committed Christians very early in life.



Couples Ministry


Saturday/before 2nd Sunday - 5:30pm


The Couple's Ministry reaches out to all couples. The ministry encourages a lifetime of commit- ment, inspires a oneness of love, and teaches couples to enjoy and nourish a relationship with Christ


Shepherd's Care Ministry


Tuesday/after 4th Sunday - 7:00 pm


Seeks to support the Pastor financially, spiritually, and emotionally, through a variety of activities and services. The members of the ministry are assigned to take responsibility for providing vari- ous items and supplies for the pastor to accommodate his office and pulpit. The ministry also spearheads the church in celebrating the pastor's anniversary, birthday, and other special occasions.


Transportation Ministry

The mission of the transportation ministry at Greater Fellowship is to aid members and visitors who have transportation problems.


Kitchen Ministry

The Mission of this Ministry is to prepare and feed the members and guests on special occasions (Church programs) and necessary.


Media Ministry

Greater Fellowship M.B.C Media Ministry serves the church by caring for the technical, advertis- ing and support for church services and special events , to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Media Ministry is responsible for all the church written programs, monthly newsletter, GFMBC website and whatever else the pastor deems necessary.


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